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 two of my favourite song ...

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two of my favourite song ... Empty
PostSubject: two of my favourite song ...   two of my favourite song ... Icon_minitimeThu May 17, 2007 4:23 pm

It is a christian song that i always love to listen ....( one way )

I layed my life down at your feet
u're the only one i need
i turn to you and you are always there

In trouble times it's you i seek
i put you first that all i need
i humble all i am all to you

chorus :
one way , jesus
u're the only one that i could live for
one way , jesus
u're the only one that i could live for

bridge :
you are the way the truth and the life
we live by faith and not by sight for you
we living all for you

(wish you enjoy it)
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two of my favourite song ...
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