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 Song; Top Fives

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PostSubject: Song; Top Fives   Thu Mar 15, 2007 1:03 pm

I have nothing to do right now, so I'll post the top fives early this week, I'll probably post again at the end of the week. Razz

1. Grace kelly MIKA
2. Don't matter Akon
3. How to touch a girl Jojo
4. How to save a life The Fray
5. Deja Vu Beyonce

Most of the songs up there are just songs that come to mind. Cause' I did not know what to put. But Loic's selection of songs is quite nice, I listened to the tracks. : P Anyway, have a songs ever made you laugh or cry or your mood change? Heeh. Just asking. Hopefully some replys. Bored..Here's the links; this time it's from Imeem. Heeh.


V xxx
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Song; Top Fives
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