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 Sports curling

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PostSubject: Sports curling   Sports curling Icon_minitimeThu May 17, 2007 4:02 pm

Equipment needed-Some type of heavy large polished granite stone,slider shoes, protection equipment etc.

the rules of the sport-played on a rectangular sheet of carefully prepared ice by two teams of four players each. Teams alternate turns at sliding heavy, polished granite stones down the ice towards the goal known as the house. Two sweepers with brooms accompany each rock and use timing equipment and their best judgement along with direction from their other teammates to help direct the stones to their resting place.

how to score for the sport-A person must curl a massive granite stone to the goal kown as the house (written above) and two people will be sweeping in front of the stone kown as sweepers which the broom will melt the ice which lessen friction and helps accelerating the rock

the skills needed - The person will need a precise accuracy to score the rock to the house and sweepers must have perfect timing to stop sweeping and let the rock curl itself.

history of the sport -
The game of curling is thought to have been created in late medieval Scotland, with the first written reference to a contest using stones on ice coming from the records of Paisley Abbey, Renfrew, in February 1541. Two paintings (both dated 1565) by Pieter Bruegel Elder depict Dutch peasants curling—Scotland and the Low Countries had strong trading and cultural links during this period, which is also evident in the history of golf.more on

Picture bank
Sports curling 180px-Curlingsheet that circular goal is the house.Sports curling Magnify-clip
The playing area in curling is shown here. Rocks must land between the hog line (bottom of photo) and the back line (behind the rings) and between the boards or out lines (on the sides).

Sports curling 180px-Curlingshoes Sports curling Magnify-clip
Curling shoes: The slider shoe (center), with its thin Teflon surface, is worn during delivery to slide on the ice; a slip-on gripper (left) is worn over the slider at other times; the other shoe (right) has a rough surface to give traction on the ice.

Sports curling Centerville%2520curling
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Sports curling
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