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Soccer History:

Spanish Fever Hits Glasgow For UEFA Cup Final 2007

It's been fiesta time all over Glasgow this week as the countdown to tonight's 2007 UEFA Cup final between Spanish giants Sevilla and Espanyol has gotten under way. Spanish flags and those of the two clubs are festooning bars and restaurants all over the Scottish city and as the influx of 30,000 Spaniards began, the watching European football world steeled themselves for an exciting game of football.

Sevilla are still in action on three fronts, chasing the La Liga title, the Copa Del Rey and the defence of their UEFA Cup crown which they took in fantastic style last year against Middlesbrough. Espanyol have saved their best performances for the UEFA Cup this season and their fans will be looking to "Little Buddha" Ivan De La Pena to weave his mystical magic and bring the trophy home to Catalonia.

Ever the intrpeid football reporter, I've been working hard this week all over Glasgow, sampling the tapas and sangria and enjoying the build up in atmosphere in one of the world's most passionate football cities for one of Europe's showpiece footballing events.

Check out the UEFA Cup final 2007 preview and I'll report back in the morning with my on the spot views of how the game has progressed. Viva Espana!
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Soccer Goal

KwikGoal has long been considered the top name in soccer goals. They are the official goals of US Soccer, MLS, the former WUSA and IMG Soccer Academy.

KwikGoals are known for their special design in attaching nets to the frame using the KwikLock net System.

soccer Kwikgoalgoal

soccer CoervergoalsWiel Coerver Training Goals are the top coaches choice in portable soccer goals. These goals are lightweight and easily packed up and carried away. If your a coach that has a limited amount of field space and need to practice finishing, these goals allow you to shoot at them from either side, maximizing your time and space. Many coaches, especially high school and collegiate, place them at the center circle to divide a full field into 2 smaller fields for reasons of having to scrimmages at once.

soccer Kickbackrebounder

KICKBACK Rebounders are the backyard specialty and a favorite of parents that want to give their soccer player a piece of equipment that they can use by themselves.

This inexpensive soccer goal is perfect for developing the first touch of receiving and one or two touch passing.

Outdoor Goal Sizes:
8'x24' are for U13 and up (11v11)
7'x21' are for U10 to U12 (8v8/9v9)
6'x18' are for U9 (6v6)
6'x12' are for U8 (4v4)
4'x6' are for U7 and young(3v3)

1. Make sure you get the correct sized select soccer balls for your player's age group. For games and practices use the table below to determine your age appropriate soccer balls.

2. For beginners, the color and design should be more important than price, like pink soccer balls. Keep it fun. The overall quality, durability and feel are the main points for players at higher levels.

3. Indoor soccer balls, Futsols & Medicine soccer balls are great for practicing by yourself or with friends. Each offers a different strategy for use and control.

Mini select soccer balls - are good for juggling or for small pick up games. A lot of people just like to collect them, especially if they can get them autographed. Some even get match soccer balls to be signed by their favorite professional player.
soccer Fireballsoccer World-cup-soccer-ball-thmb

Futsol ball - goes with are indoor soccer balls and a game that is also played in the streets in Brazil, the game is played with no walls. The ball is smaller than the full outside game and a bit heavier so that it has almost no bounce.

Medicine ball - goalkeepers use it for catching, throwing and strength. It's also good for practicing throw-ins.


12 +
U13 +

8 - 11
U9 - U12


Soccer Guide:

Soccer Uniforms

The first selection of your kids soccer equipment you need are the uniforms.

To be absolutely sure that your team has its soccer uniforms in time for the first game of the season, get your order in before the big clubs and associations do.

How soon is that??? You ask.

Well, every team, club and association in the United States is purchasing their soccer equipment before the end of July. You need to beat the rush and look to place an order towards the end of June with a soccer store that will work with you.

The best type of soccer company to work with, are ones that will hold an estimated pre-order for you. This way you have time to get the actual numbers and sizes of your players. It will also allow you to get your order in before most of the big clubs and associations. Because if you wait until late July or August, you will have to choose from "what's left" of a retailer's soccer equipment.

This means having to pick between your 3rd, 4th or 5th choices. Not good, especially if your team has spent hours debating on what soccer equipment they like the best.

So get ahead of the competition!

See my inside tips on SOCCER UNIFORMS to help you find the right Soccer Equipment.

Soccer Shoes

After the soccer jersey this is one of the most important pieces of your kids soccer equipment. Sometimes they are referred to as soccer cleats or boots.

Getting the right look & feel is extremely important to most soccer players and that includes the brand. Seasoned veterans of the game know what they want and have tried many styles so they have a good knowledge of many of the brands. These players will typically stay with a brand that has given them luck but may change styles within that brand.

For the beginners though, simplicity is often the best policy.

Let them discover their own likes and dislikes through their peers and soccer heroes.

With so many soccer shoes to chose from, what should you get?

See my inside tips on SOCCER SHOES to help you find the right Soccer Equipment.

Soccer Warm-ups

soccer Puma-catspeed-warmups

Sometimes called Training Suits and Outerwear. Probably the most recognized luxury item in kids soccer equipment.

Most all the clubs and sponsored teams will be wearing soccer equipment of this sort.

See the 4 Common Mistakes people make when purchasing soccer warmups.

See my tips on SOCCER WARM UPS to help you find the right Soccer Equipment.

Soccer Balls

Do you know what size your soccer player needs? Find out who has to play with the size 3, 4 or 5 select soccer balls.

Are you a high school player looking for a soccer ball that is NFHS legal?

Who needs a NCAA legal soccer ball?

Do you know the best uses of a MEDICINE ball?

What is the big deal with these MINI soccer balls anyways?

See my inside tips on SOCCER BALLS to help you find the right Kids Soccer Equipment.

Soccer Bags

When a player reaches a certain age, the soccer bag becomes a very important part of their soccer equipment. And as they get older and collect more soccer gear, it becomes necessary for them to carry all this soccer gear around, in case of emergencies.

That's why its important to have a quality soccer bag that will hold up to the conditions that these players live in.

There are 2 main types of soccer bags a player might choose. Backpacks or Duffle bags.

See my inside tips on SOCCER BAGS to help you find the right Kids Soccer Equipment.

Soccer Goals

One of the biggest objectives in Soccer is - To Score Goals!

Coaches and players use a lot of different types of soccer goals, rebounders and other soccer training equipment to get their players better at finishing.

Find out what you should be using and what you can probably do without.

See my tips on SOCCER GOALS to help you find the right Kids Soccer Equipmen

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