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PostSubject: Cycling   Cycling Icon_minitimeThu May 17, 2007 3:47 pm

Equipment needed:a bicycle,a bicycle helmet,sport shoes and clothes to cycling.

The type of suitable clothing:a comfortable and loose clothes in order to cycle without any discomforts.

The rules of the sport:

  • Make sure you regularly maintain your bike to ensure it is roadworthy
  • Keep left but slightly away from the kerb, watching out for potholes and drains in your path
  • Don't veer in and out between parked vehicles - maintain a consistent straight path along the road.
  • If necessary (eg on narrow roads or at intersections) occupy the centre of the traffic lane, so that other traffic can clearly see you and doesn't try to overtake you unsafely
  • Ride at least a metre away from parked cars to avoid hitting doors opening in front of you
  • Be careful of painted lines and manhole covers in wet conditions - they are very slippery
  • Don't use a mobile phone or listen to music while cycling - the road requires your full attention
  • Don't ride alongside lorries and buses for more than a few seconds - they can't always see you in their wing mirrors
  • Always make your intentions clear to other road users with hand signals
  • Obey the road rules - don't jump red lights and don't ride on the footpath
  • Watch out for vehicles, especially at intersections, where drivers may not have noticed you. Don't assume they've seen you, and
  • Wear a helmet and bright or reflective clothing at all times.

How to score: practice more in order to do better for a contest <practice makes perfect>

The skills needed:The way you cycle,examples,Dog eat bone,Sheepish behaviour,horsing around and Meals on heels.

Clothing: comfortable and suitable for you

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