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 Rock climbing

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PostSubject: Rock climbing   Thu May 17, 2007 3:45 pm

History of rock climbing

For quite a long time, Rock Climbing was only seen as a part of Mountaineering, where mountaineers would climb routes to prepare themselves for a climbing expedition. It served as a form of training in order to improve their climbing skills. In the 1920s, it gradually became known in the United States as an essential factor in [color:a7a6=blue! important][color:a7a6=blue! important]mountain [color:a7a6=blue! important]climbing. In the 1950s, Rock Climbing was considered as a sport on its own.

Equipment needed

Climbing Ropes
Make sure that the ropes you use are designed specifically for the climbing style that you do. This section covers some aspects about Climbing Ropes.

Climbing Harnesses
Finding the one which is suitable to your needs will be easier if you have an idea of what to look for in a harness. Know the different aspects of Climbing Harnesses.

Belay Devices
In Belaying, the belayer needs to control the movement of the rope to protect the climber. This is made easier through the use of Belay Devices.

Climbing Carabiners
One important piece of hardware used in climbing is the Carabiner. Make sure that you are using the ones which are manufactured specifically for Rock Climbing.

Active Protection - Spring-Loaded Camming Devices
Also called cams, SLCDs are probably one of the most versatile active protection you can imagine. Know more about Spring-Loaded Camming Devices in this section.

Passive Protection - Slings, Hexes, Nuts, Tricams
Passive protection is also an essential gear used in Rock Climbing and Mountaineering. Know the various tools under the passive protection category.

Rock Climbing Quickdraws
Quickdraws enable the rope to run smoothly from the Belay Point to the Climber. Learn more about its uses as well as its different types in this article.

Climbing Helmets
A helmet is a wise investment for climbers of all ability levels. It will protect you from falling debris when you are climbing. Know more about Climbing Helmets.

Climbing Shoes
Bear in mind that time invested in finding the right type and size of your shoes is very important. In this section, know what to look for in Climbing Shoes.

Rock Climbing Chalks and Chalk Bags
Rock Climbing Chalks keep the Climber's grip steady and secure when Climbing up a rock face by keeping his or her hands dry. Chalk Bags meanwhile serve as a receptacle for the Chalk.

A Traditional Rock Climber's Gear List
One of the common Rock Climbing Styles is Traditional Rock Climbing. In this section, take a look at a typical gear list of a traditional rock climber.

A Sport Climber's Gear List
Get familiar with the gear and equipment included in a typical gear list of a sport climber. Know what makes this list different from a traditional rock climber's gear list.

Rules of the sport

Skills required

One of the many techniques required of the sport

Lock Off
Grip a single handhold with enough strength to allow the other hand to shift to a new handhold.

Side Pull
A hold that is oriented to the side of the body and cannot be pulled in a downward direction.

Bring one arm across the other as you reach for a new hold.

Suitable clothing

Clothes that fit the body well and dries relatively fast.

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Rock climbing
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