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 Top 5 songs (EOW)

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Top 5 songs (EOW) Empty
PostSubject: Top 5 songs (EOW)   Top 5 songs (EOW) Icon_minitimeSun Mar 18, 2007 12:28 pm

Very Happy End of week top 5 songs. Heeh. End of the March holiday already!
Browsing through Imeem gave me more favourites already. Lolss.

1. Promise -Vanessa Hudgens
2. Everybody's gone to war -Nerina Pallot
3. It's not over -Chris Daughtry
4. Over it -Katherine McPhee
5. If we were a movie -Miley Cyrus

Unheard of the artist? Well, nevermind. You'll soon. (:
My Imeem site:
Some of the songs are there.
Anyway, here's the links (the number refers to the songs ^):
Live music. If you're lost, just click on the links and listen to the songs. Whee.

Changing her salute,
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Top 5 songs (EOW)
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