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 My end of term eflections

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My end of term eflections Empty
PostSubject: My end of term eflections   My end of term eflections Icon_minitimeFri Mar 09, 2007 11:28 am

hi , it's finally end of ca1 .... i think emm ... i should talk more about my area of weakness and area of improvement .....

okay let's talk about my weakness first , i think my weakness is in mathematics . i had quite alot of weakness in it . things like ratio and percentage are actually my weakness of all other math questions ...

now my improvements on things , i think it's math again .. i had i think 49 last year and i did not pass , but this year i got 55 , i passed ! i am very happy this term ..... actually i was thinking of fail again but now i regain my confident in maths ... i think i had idea of wat maths is about now .

last but not least is 3 good things that happen to me this term . emm , i think it's math again and again i passed ! the second think i thinks is the fun i long during pe .... woah , it fun i like captain ball the most i, i how wish every pe during the next term is captains ball . i feel like playing with other class on captain ball too ....okay the last thing is .... i think is the hangman we had in the class , we finish it , and we got chips .... i love it but i want more difficult hangman ... i wais everybody had a great term .. byebye lol!
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My end of term eflections
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