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 Singapore VS Thailand

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PostSubject: Singapore VS Thailand   Singapore VS Thailand Icon_minitimeThu Feb 01, 2007 8:10 pm

I have to say, if Singapore won already, why do they have to go to Thailand to compete again (2nd final)? What do you have to say bout' tat?

I think they are juz being fair, as Singaporeans are very anxious bout' the finals and semi-finals, so lots of people bought tickets and so, they earn alot. Now Thailand are earning coz people in Thailand are as anxious bout' the game as Singaporeans. But one thing, i'm afraid the Lions will get crushed in Thailand!:silent:It's juz like opposites...I think that coz i think the Lions will feel different, less confident, in Thailand. Coz the stadium has more Thais and its a totally different environment!

Please tell me how you feel on this!
And ask me anything!

v xxx
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Singapore VS Thailand
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